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Ep41-Goodbye Joong Ki


Sherlock SceneriesSeason Three

fangirl challenge: [2/?] actresses → sophie turner
Getting Game of Thrones was amazing. I was 13, on holiday in France, and my mum woke me up saying, “Morning Sansa!” I burst out crying and jumped in the pool.
I always thought that we just had this kind of connection. Unspoken, of course.

Cat begging for food

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.”

Saul Bass (via callumjbaker)

“I went to this massive co-ed school for the first time when I was 16. Everyone there had been together since elementary school, and I found it quite difficult, especially when I’d never stepped into a classroom with boys. So I started looking out in the community for a social outlet. I started getting involved in student films and community theater. Acting began as a hobby.”

The reason why Harry wasn’t chosen for Ravenclaw was because he tried to catch the Hogwarts letters from the air instead of taking one from the fucking floor.

Nathan x Kelly moments, asked by youremyplus

Have you got any enemies?